"Oh Yeah, That Guy"

"Character actor" is perhaps overly generous.

The Russian guy from Armageddon

It’s a poorly-kept Hollywood secret that Peter Stormare suffers from an ancient gypsy curse to always appear either in need of a shower or in need of a shave, and usually both. If a murder occurred, Peter Stormare would be the creepy groundskeeper who shows you around the mansion right at the beginning and then the audience knows he was the murderer all along but the main characters don’t figure it out until the last half-hour and then they’re about to reveal him as the culprit when they find his gruesome corpse in a closet and it turns out he was a red herring and was trying to warn them but the real killer got him first and it turns out it was the stern village matron all along.

Peter Stormare was in Constantine as Satan and was in the awesome scene from The Lost World where he gets eaten by a swarm of tiny dinosaurs which he had earlier tormented with a cattle prod. Justisaurus poeticus. He even got to dig out Tom Cruise’s eyes as a slimy-looking doctor. And one time he vas a nihilist who beliefs in nosthink in The Big Lebowski.

However, experts now agree that Stormare was put on this Earth for one reason and one reason alone: to demonstrate to us how they fix things on Russian space station in Armageddon.

Considering that he looks like a sex offender and usually plays gross-looking guys of Slavic origin, it’s a bit of a surprise that Peter Stormare is a classically-trained Swede, but there you go. As a bonus sighting, he played the dirty electrician Slippery Pete in that "Frogger" episode of Seinfeld. You can count on Slippery Pete.

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