"Oh Yeah, That Guy"

"Character actor" is perhaps overly generous.

The one from Mean Girls who was always jealous of Rachel McAdams

Most people who see Lacey Chabert probably think of her as Gretchen Weiners, her role from Mean Girls, in which she played the second-in-command Mean Girl who resents not being quite as popular as Rachel McAdams, despite her dad inventing the toaster strudel. Being me, however, I still think of her as Penny Robinson, the teenage daughter from the 90’s Lost in Space movie. She was the one with the wrist-top computer straight out of the Inspector Gadget cartoon, and she always used it to make diary entries on what was going on. She had a big crush on Matt LeBlanc in that movie but, the poor lass, she would never be noticed by him because he had the hots for her sister Heather Graham, whose unbelievably impractical space suit was much more eye-catching.

I know it may seem like this entry is getting off-topic by talking about the non-Lacey Chabert aspects of Lost in Space, but I think it’s a great complement to her acting that I so distinctly remember her amid a movie that actually features Gary Oldman mutating into a space-spider who utters the line: "Within my egg sac lies the fruit of an entire master race!" Talent, Lacey.

Chabert originally caught her big break in Party of Five, and then caught a role in Not Another Teen Drama. To those who think that Lacey Chabert can only play angsty teens in space and high school, I direct you to Chabert’s voice acting resume. She was Meg Griffin for the first season of Family Guy and was Kirsten Dunst’s singing double from Anastasia, in which they played the titular role for the first ten minutes of the movie. Remember that Nickelodeon show The Wild Thornberrys, about a girl who talks to animals? That was Lacey Chabert. Supposedly she was in Daddy Day Care and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, but as no one ever saw either of those movies, the truth may be lost forever.